My career as a soccer player came and went. I went from lacing up my boots and kicking a soccer ball almost every day, to playing pick up soccer maybe 5 times over the past year and a half. This is what inspired me to create Charlotte Reign. While beginning my research, I realized that I was not the only female athlete experiencing the loss of a lifetime pursuit. Unless a woman receives an offer to play professionally after college, which is very limited in the United States for female athletes, there are very few, to no opportunities for women to pursue sports.

Charlotte Reign is a hypothetical sports organization created for all women ages 18+. During the early stages of developing the brand, I aimed to create a logo and title that would appeal to the strong and athletic women who would want to participate in the organization. The name Charlotte Reign represents the values of the club, articulates the long-term ambitions and celebrates the community in which the organization began. At the same time, it honors the legacy of women’s sports. The main colors of the brand are purple and blue. Purple communicates royalty, which enhances the meaning of reign. The particular blue color expresses femininity, sophistication, and energy which all perfectly align with the targeted members of the organization. The logo design is inspired by the aesthetic of a gemstone. I felt a gemstone was appropriate to represent the brand because they are precious stones that people tend to value. Just like a gemstone, female athletes value their passion for sports and appreciate the opportunity to participate in them.

The goal of this brand is to inspire women to continue their love for sports, regardless of their old age, children, career, or whatever else might be stopping them. Charlotte Reign will put them back in the spotlight, and will allow them to feel like the amazing athlete that they still are today.